「moment edition」について

Insight towards this world of human and civilized mammal


thing to start from a frame of “family”

家族を一つのものと見た時、そこから何かをはじめることができるのか、何かをはじめなくてはならないのは分かっていますが、今も模索していることです(notes 5.0)。


editor’s name(編集者名): editor_gaku
moment edition(編集後記/第5期)/field curator(自然誌)/cinematographer(一眼レフ)/ groundactor(生活者)

name: takeo yokoyama
bio: “the editor of “moment edition” established in 1993, a curator about nature history and a cinematographer. attended to the biological conservation in costa rica in 2001 to organize the project about “eco-tourism”, and was a witness of 9.11, as a solo-tourist around europe and asia, especially in paris, prague and indonesia.” profile from “collage ​[kɔlaːʒ]”


photo from “L’Homme qui plantait des arbres, written by Jean Giono 1953, illustrated by Frederic Back 1987″